History of Garcinia Cambogia

Just like everything under the sun, garcinia cambogia has got its history. The botanical name, as mentioned is Garcinia Cambogia. There are other common names too for this weight loss supplement. They include; gambooge, citrin, brindal berry, brindle berry, malabar tamarind, mangosteen oil tree, hydroxycitric acid, upargi, garcinia kola, gorrikapuli among others.

Garcinia Cambogia FruitThe supplement is got from South East Asia and India. The plant itself is known as garcinia cambogia. It is an evergreen flowering plant with drooping branches. The fruit is yellow, oval-shaped and looks like a pumpkin. This fruit is harvested, dried then ground until it becomes powder.

Parts of the plant used are the fruit and rind. The garcinia cambogia extract is calcium salt of hydroxy citric acid. It is non-toxic, odorless and very effective in controlling obesity and cholesterol levels.

The supplements major purpose is for weight loss, though it can be used for other reasons too. It has a distinct sour taste, making it ideal in making certain meals for the Indians and Asians. The plant has HCA as the most active ingredient. It is touted as the best ingredient in garcinia cambogia that helps in weight loss by suppressing the appetite.

At the same time, it reduces the body’s ability to dispose of fatty tissues when one happens to overeat. The mechanism of this supplement is understood to work this way; it is believed to inhibit the body’s ability to convert carbohydrates to fats. This eventually leads to glycogen increase in the liver which triggers the brain to send signals that one is full even when they are not. In other words, the appetite is to the lowest level.

When mice were used for experiments, garcinia was found to be effective for endurance exercise as the use of HCA helps in fat burning while sparing carbohydrate utilization during rest and exercise. Previously, this supplement was used to treat gastric ulcers.

This is possible as a result of garcinol which is another ingredient in the herb. Garcinol lowers acidity levels in stomach while protecting the gastric mucosa. The rind of the supplement is known to be stringent and therefore ideal in treating gastric and duodenal ulcers. It reduces blood lipid levels and blood cholesterol by its amazing ability – thedrozgarciniacambogia.org/garcinia-cambogia-select-review-can-you-really-burn-fat-without-diet-or-exercise.htm.

Is garcinia cambogia safe for diabetics? The supplement has been proposed by recent studies to be able to rid the body of toxins that are as a result of alcohol. It was found to prevent liver cells from being fibriotic while stopping cell damage as a result of high blood lipid levels. The supplement comes in various forms that include: tablets, extracts, capsules, powders, and snack bars.

They all contain fixed percentage of HCA which is 50-60%. The dosage is 300gm-500gm. It is taken three times each day with water. The extract is cheap. For one packet, one pays $25 to 35. It has no reported side effects, though any patient suffering from diabetes or Alzheimer’s need to have doctors consent first before trying the wonder drug out. Garcinia should not be used by pregnant women too if the doctor is not consulted. Well, this seems to be a quite some history for garcinia cambogia.

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When Will Garcinia Cambogia Expire?

It seems gaining weight has become an effortless achievement the world over. All one has to do is take more carbohydrates than their body needs and they soon balloon up. Alternatively, there are easy foods that contain a lot of oil that are sold in most food kiosks.

If one takes these without limit, they soon become bigger than they would wish to be. In fact, many overweight people say the war they fight is not how to buy these foods but rather how to stop the urge for them. They are just too addictive. They also get used up so fast that one is always left craving for more. That is, they leave one feeling hungry sooner than expected.

They are sweet to taste alright, but all the goodness is washed down by the fact they lead to tremendous weight gain. If there is no exercise schedule to help in the burning of fat, the scenario may be worse than anticipated. And weight gain comes with its disadvantages too. Apart from the discomfort that comes with a huge overbearing size, there are numerous diseases to handle as well. Talk about high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks and heart failures.

Dr Oz Pure Garcinia CambogiaIn some cases, very vulnerable individuals have succumbed to suicides when they could not tolerate the funny insults people throw their way. In brief, there are many cons to being overweight. No wonder many companies keep mushrooming to deal in weight loss drugs. The latest being Dr Oz Garcinia Cambogia.

This weight loss pill has hit the market with a bang, promising to put to rest miseries of patients with overweight problems. It is touted to have super qualities that help it; reduce or suppress your appetite, forcing you to eat less than you previously did, reduce that huge weight that has cost you countless nights, reduce your cholesterol, increase the fat burning process, increase your serotonin levels thereby improving moods, reduce night time snaking thereby ensuring a trim figure that one would obviously desire.

Dr Oz Garcinia Cambogia is purely natural. There are no chemical compounds added to it. This ensures that the extract has no side effects and can therefore be used by many people apart from those with serious cases of diabetes or heart related ailments. Of course pregnant women are also advised to consult their physicians before they begin using the extract. In most instances it is said that it has no effect on the unborn baby, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. More: http://www.mmagospel.com/is-garcinia-cambogia-safe-while-breastfeeding-and-nursing

Despite the hullabaloo that the extract has created in recent years, some users have claimed it has no effect on their weight loss efforts. Others have cited some reactions like nausea, headache, cramps to name just a few. There has also been rising concerns on how long the substance should stay before it is disposed of.

‘When will Garcinia Cambogia expire?’, many have been asking. Different manufacturers give their expiry dates on the bottles. It is important to always check out for the manufacture date before you purchase. Unlike wine that gets tasty with age, most medicines work better when they are still fresh. When they take too long before use, they lose their strength.

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Bipashe Basu Plastic Surgery Is Very Visible

Celebrities are never free from controversies, with the latest being endless plastic surgeries. One woman once remarked that most women are a pain in the flesh as all they think about is nothing but beauty. The statement could be a testimony to the reason why most women, especially those in the limelight, keep going for one alteration after another in their quest to be the best in the movie or music industry. The statement also exposes the ugly truth about certain beauties and their beauty.

Of course it is a known fact that women are obsessed with beauty, and this is not a recent thing. It began from the age of creation. As it advances, it only gets worse, with women going to extremes to make heads turn when they pass along.

The film and music industry embraces glamor and beauty, making them the core for consideration when one wants to be part of the group. Anyone who wishes to appear on the screen has to be a smashing beauty; otherwise no one gives them a second look. These undue pressures have been known to force celebrities to extremes.

With the inception of plastic surgery, many individuals have resorted to the knife, with a good number being women. While most surgeries backfire outright, a good number have been successful. The Bipasha Basu plastic surgery is considered one such success, though most of her fans wonder why she had to go for it in the first case.

The lady is endowed with physical beauty from head to toe. However, sometimes one may wonder what the definition of beauty is when people considered extremely gorgeous go for alterations in some or all parts of their bodies. Bipasha is rumored to have had breast enhancement by a whopping 3 inches. One thing for sure is this; very little escapes the public eye when you are a celebrity. Any minute alterations on the visible body parts cannot fail to be noticed.

Bipashe Basu new photo

Most superstars love big boobs that stand out. No wonder many of them go for breast surgeries that will make their chests stand out, almost like Dolly Parton’s.

The discovery about Bipasha hogged the media for a long time. Perhaps it is the three inch extra flesh that created all the media buzz. While sometimes we only imagine the facial look is enough to win a spot in Hollywood, sometimes actresses/actors look for more than that, or their directors have more considerations before giving out roles. One wonders why she had to increase the size of her bust-line by a full 3 inches. On www.mindblowingworld.com, you can see some photos.

Apart from the rumors about her breasts, there was also a story doing its rounds about her surgeon wanting to sue her, probably for not paying the whole agreed amount. Well, sometimes the surgeries get more complicated than anticipated. All in all, Bipasha is a natural beauty without the need to go for alterations. But then again, she has the freedom to do her things her way. Sometimes one wonders where the line to stop is actually drawn when even extreme beauties seek for more.

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Finding Cheap Car Paint Job

Painting your car is generally changing the outside appearance of your car body. Its the way to give your car a second and different look with the king of design that you really want.

So many things may can take toll on the paint of your car. Things like direct sunlight, salty water or even the soap we use to clean our cars etc. The next stop to take after noticing that your car paint is not looking good is to do a little body touch up.

Cheap Car Paint Job

We know that the cost to paint a car is always on a higher side, some mechanics can even charge you thousands of dollars just to do some body paint. The easier way to have a cheap car paint is do the painting yourself. It needs a lot of patients and hard work but the final results will be beautiful and you will have done the painting the cheapest way possible.

How to do a cheap car paint job

To do a cheap car paint job you need to just pop-in a car paint shop or a spare part shop and buy sand paper. The sand paper is used to scarp off the old paint in your care,you also need a tape duck to seal those parts that your not painting.

After you have sealed all the areas apply a guide coat of paint, and after sometime apply the main coat of paint, do this starting from the top and making your way down. If you plan to mix to colors have a clear picture of how you want it done and start with the area that will need less color paint.

The cheap car paint job can turn out to be the best transformation of your car as long and you can use less than hundred dollars to do a car paint job. Go here to know more about the cost and process of car painting in details.

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Donatella Versace Plastic Surgery Pictures

She is not known for having the best fashion styles of the season, but she ticks where designer wear counts. An Italian with an eye for fashion, Donatella has not disappointed the fashion industry in the least.

With the fashion industry thriving as celebrities and the other people rush for the latest fashion, her business has risen and with it, money has poured in in plenty. Not to be left behind in the celebrity lifestyle, she has had her fair share of plastic surgeries.

A point to note is; few of them admit they have tried the knife, especially if it is a celebrity bad plastic surgery. They would rather people speculate, but it is not easy to hear it from their own lips. It is either you get the gist from friends or personal surgeons.

Donatella Versace plastic surgery

After looking at the plastic surgery gone wrong pictures, you will realize that she still wishes to look like she is 16 or younger even though she is 57 years old. If at her age, she still wears very high heels, you definitely can tell she is desperately trying to keep age at bay. When asked about her changing looks, she says she uses tones of cream to keep her skin glowing.

She has admitted to having used Botox in the past, but she insists it is only on her face. About her beauty regime, she keeps things basic, saying she has not had it good with her trainer who never wanted her to smoke. For the time being therefore, she does not have a trainer, perhaps until she will find one who allows her the opportunity to do as she wishes.

Because of her fashion sense, Donatella still wears tight pants, high heels and diamonds. Of course most celebrities can never leave the house minus a conspicuous diamond on the finger, neck, ears and wrists. It is the dictates of the celebrity lifestyle. And anyway, how does the world recognize your status minus the diamonds?

Most of the time, she keeps a wooden face. In other words, Donatella rarely smiles until there have been jokes of her smiling only when she did not wear Botox. Being a mother has not spared the fashion icon the agony that comes with plastic surgery. She seems to have had failed surgeries if the Donatella Versace plastic surgery pictures are anything to go by. In most instances, people turn to the knife to reduce the sizes of the nose. In her case, the surgery seemed to have made the nose considerably bigger.

Donatella Versace plastic surgery gone wrong

Apart from the overbearing size, it has become wider, crooked and flat. That is an indication that there was a failed nose job. On that face too, there is the large lips. Previously, she spotted the big lips but they are now almost oversize, an indication that fillers like collagen have been used.

Her face is rather firm, seemingly due to the use of Botox to clear away wrinkles. The tightness makes it hard to smile, but well, provided there are no visible wrinkles, what the heck? The face contrasts significantly with the rest of the body as the other parts are not as firm. Such is the celebrity lifestyle.

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Garcinia Cambogia in the News

It is common knowledge that once a product hits the market, it is no longer a one company finding, but rather, different manufacturers come up with their own brand. This is what happens with Garcinia Cambogia in the news.

Garcinia Cambogia ExtractDifferent manufacturers have come up with their own brand formulations making it difficult for consumers to determine the genuine products from counterfeits. In fact, it is right to say that consumers are overwhelmed and are no longer sure of the right product or one that is genuine and can be trusted to give the right results.

Consumers are therefore advised to check the news and miracle garcinia cambogia diets to come up with the most effective Garcinia Cambogia supplement.

Several individuals have heard of the miraculous properties of Garcinia Cambogia from the initiator who is Dr. Oz. Others have heard about it from neighbors and friends. Of course the supplement has glowing tributes from the media. Most consumers still wonder if it actually lives up to its hype. Having been made from the tamarind fruit, the extract is said to attack fats in two different ways.

First, it aids the body in burning fat, secondly, it prevents new fat from forming. When a user begins using the extract, they may not notice any change on their body as it takes time to work. This happens because when the body begins to burn fat, there are toned muscles that weigh slightly more than fat which it replaces. The weight may not change immediately, but the measurement will.

Users do not need to change their eating habits as the supplement slows the body’s ability in absorbing fat. The fat melts off the body because of the natural properties of HCA, which is the supplements major ingredient.

While many supplements have unwarranted side effects, Garcinia Cambogia is touted to have none. Other weight loss supplements may make their users have cramps, headaches or feel jittery. This is not the case with this weight loss supplement.


It is made from natural ingredients that have been in existence since many years past. No side effect has been reported apart from that of weight loss (more on thedrozgarciniacambogia.org). It is also easy to use. One takes the supplement with a glass of water twice each day before having a meal.

The main ingredient in this pill is hydrochloric acid. It is derived from citric acid which is found in many tropical plants including fruits like lemon, oranges, pineapples to name just a few. This active ingredient makes the supplement very effective and powerful.

Most researchers are trying to help users of the supplement to make the right choices in buying weight loss pills. This is because there are instances when making a single choice may be very difficult for a consumer.

Some analysts have even come up with specific web pages that enable consumers visit news and media which feature top rated brand names with verified exceptional supplements. In some instances, there are specific links that have got full review of the top rated products.

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